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"Songs don't do us much good sitting in a notebook. To give them life, they
need to be heard. A song really isn't a song until someone listens to it."
~ Nick Nielsen

     Growing up along the banks of the Crow River, Nick Nielsen found time to contemplate nature and man's relationships with it. For over 20 years, Nick's personal experiences and observations were carefully woven into a collection of songs. Nick recorded ten of these original songs for his debut CD titled Come In.

     An accomplished songwriter and musician, Nick's ballads combine his vocal talent with his exceptional fingerstyle acoustic guitar. Using a special blend of folk, country, blues and Americana, Nick takes us on a journey and brings us back wondering. Come In recalls the pain of heartbreak and the joys of love; it reconnects us with the trials and tribulations of generations past.

     On the surface, Come In is both pleasant and entertaining; but listen closely and the narrative of these poetic melodies will invoke a wealth of remembrance and imagery, almost coming to life. From beginning to end, Come In provides a sampling of life's endless journeys. It conjures up vengeance, promise, love, loss and regret—common experiences to us all.

     An avid outdoorsman and Minnesota native, Nick Nielsen has opened his notebook and invites us to listen. Please, Come In. ♦

  Copyright © 2010 Nick Nielsen. All rights reserved.